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Life at Beacon Hill

A Decision Guide to Help Seniors

This Decision Guide is designed to help Seniors who are considering a move to Lifespace Communities in analyzing their reasons for making this important decision. It is also intended to help you communicate openly with your family and friends. The questions and information below provide a useful way to affirm your decision and to begin discussions with others about your future plans.

Why should I consider a move to Lifespace Communities?

Have household chores and home maintenance become too much of a burden or too expensive?
Is loneliness your main companion? Are you ready to make new friends and resume your social life?
Has your health become more of a concern? Do you need more help with day-to-day activities around your house?
Does having three nutritious meals a day prepared for you by a skilled chef sound good?
Are you ready to move to a more carefree lifestyle where your day-to-day worries are minimal, and there are plenty of friends and activities to keep you occupied and fulfilled?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, it may be time to seriously consider life at Lifespace Communities. Contact Us to learn more.

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I want my family to understand the reasons for my move.

It goes without saying – moving from your present home to a senior living community is a big decision. In many ways, it’s a family decision that affects not only you – but your loved ones, too.

That’s why it’s important that your family members are fully on board and support you in the decision you make. Talk it over with your family. Discuss candidly the primary reasons why you are considering a move (e.g. health concerns, household chores and home maintenance, desire for friends and companionship).

Your transition will be made easier by ensuring your family’s questions are answered, and they are well-informed. Offer them a tour of your new community. Let them meet staff members and residents and hear first-hand how supportive everyone is and how satisfied current residents are.

These testimonies will go a long way toward easing your loved ones’ concerns and convincing them you are making the right move.

Above all, remember that your children and other loved ones love you and care about you. Your happiness and well-being are their utmost concerns. When they see you are confident about your future, they will be confident – and supportive, too.

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I want to live a longer, happier, healthier lifestyle.

As we age, maintaining health and wellness becomes much more important. In fact, for many seniors, it is their top priority. At Lifespace Communities, we are committed to providing programs, activities and personnel that contribute to wellness.

This is evident in our services and amenities and in the continuum of care offered in all our communities. Our focus goes beyond physical health to total wellness of the body, mind and spirit. We offer programs across six dimensions of wellness – physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and vocational.

The goal is to sustain and improve the overall quality of life of every resident through fitness centers and classes to worship services and brain gyms that help everyone stay curious and alert.

Every Lifespace Community offers most or all of the following programs and activities that are all designed to enhance your health and wellness. These include:

  • Fitness Centers
  • Swimming Pools
  • Walking Trails
  • Daily Nutritional Meals
  • Flower and Vegetable Gardens
  • Health Care Center
  • 24-Hour Emergency Call Center
  • On-Site and In-Town recreational, social and cultural activities
  • Friends and companionship

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Why is a continuum of care important to me for the future?

When you move to a senior living community, you want the assurance that all your future health needs will be met. At Lifespace Communities, your long-term needs have been planned for, across distinct levels of care, provided within a community that becomes almost like a family of residents and staff alike. At the level of independent living, it’s like a continuation of your whole adult life – minus the hassles.

There’s a continuum of care that starts with independent living and progresses to on-site assisted living and to skilled nursing care. LifeCare takes you smoothly and efficiently through each level, if necessary, with gentle transitions and sensitivity to your needs.

If you need to move to our Health Care Center, it will be a great relief to know you can do it within the community with the help of people who know you and your needs. The skills are on-premise, the rooms are private, the setting is familiar, and the staff knows who you are. It’s a continuum built on respect for the individual.

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I Still Have More Questions

We’re ready to help you as you discuss future living options with your children or other loved ones. We have lots of information and access to what may the best resource of all – people who have already made the decision and are very happy with the outcome. Use the form below to ask any questions you may have, or to simply contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to assist you at this important time in your life.