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group of senior women laugh and toast wine glasses together

Senior Living Dining Services

A Place to Wine & Dine

From freshly brewed coffees and delicious pastries to an indulgent dinner filled with laughter and lively conversation, enjoy a variety of tasty treats from delectable dining venues that cater to every craving and occasion.

group of seniors toast while enjoying lunch at a picnic table outdoors

Laughter is brightest where food is best.

- Irish Proverb

Senior Living Dining

Indulge in More Than Just a Meal

Mealtimes can be, simply, magical.

The act of raising a wine glass marks a celebratory moment and creates common purpose as you toast what’s to come. Connections are made, stories are shared. By the end of the evening, acquaintances have deepend, and friendships rekindled. This is the joy of living in a community like Beacon Hill, where even the act of sharing a meal can become a moment to remember. And there’s always another opportunity just around the corner to awaken the magic again.

group of well-dressed senior friends enjoying a meal together in an elegant setting by a glass fireplace
Senior woman (Rita Jenzen) sits in a chair and smiles at the camera for an interview

Being with friends, sitting around the table and laughing. Celebrating a new grandbaby... that makes it so interesting.

- Rita Jenzen, Beacon Hill Resident

Dining Venues

Your Spot to Sip and Socialize

At Beacon Hill, there are a variety of ways to nourish yourself while you relax, unwind and make new friends. Discover an upscale fine dining experience in The Lincoln Dining Room, gather for cocktails in the lounge or enjoy a casual bite at O’Neill’s Cafe or The Courtyard. Find the perfect blend of places to gather and make merry. It’s all right here.

Finley Terrace

A culinary oasis awaits food lovers at this venue. Enjoy modern cuisine and delightful drinks here.

O'Neil's Cafe

With a charming ambiance and delicious bistro food, this popular cafe is the ideal rendezvous spot for brunch or lunch with friends.

The Courtyard

Serves trendy coffee drinks and grab-and-go snacks.

The Lincoln Dining Room

Perfect for a family get together or a delicious dining experience with friends.

two tables of seniors laugh and converse while enjoying dinner and wine together inside

Senior Living Community

More Ways to Savor the Moment

Everything is better among friends. From community barbecues to holiday parties, there are so many ways to fill your social calendar and expand your circle.

Opportunities to Mingle