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Live Fully

To live fully means to pursue each moment with intention and purpose. At Beacon Hill, we have carefully curated every detail of your experience to ensure that it supports your unique journey.

Join a walking group, nurture new friendships over cocktails, and discover new ways to transform your passions into purpose. This is your opportunity to chart a fresh path and discover (or rediscover) something new in yourself.

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There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way.

- Christopher Morley, Poet
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Senior Independent Living Activities

Opportunities to Thrive

Spread your wings and thrive.

This is the time to truly perfect your golf swing, join the community choir and sing your heart out, or start your own volunteer group to give back to causes that matter to you. When you actively nurture your natural talents or embark on a journey to discover something new in yourself, that’s when you truly thrive.

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Independent Living Wellness

Live Well

Living well is about achieving the perfect balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. While there are many ways to meet this goal, community living makes it so much easier. See how personalized wellness programs, on-site instructors dedicated to your physical fitness and warm, welcoming neighbors all contribute.

Start Living Well

senior man smiles at his wife while dining outdoors at their senior living community
Senior woman (Rita Jenzen) sits in a chair and smiles at the camera for an interview

Make the decision to come. Don't stay in your house by yourself. You need people around you to make you happy.

- Rita Jenzen, Beacon Hill Resident

Senior Independent Living Residences

Redefine Your Oasis

Enjoy the freedom to redefine what it means to live “the good life.” Discover a new oasis, perfectly located and tastefully designed to be the perfect launching pad for your next adventure.

Explore Living Spaces

group of seniors gather in a villa home for snacks, drinks, and games

Take a Glimpse Inside

group of well-dressed senior friends enjoying a meal together in an elegant settinggroup of senior friends playing Wii games together in the lounge at their senior living communitysenior man celebrates while playing a round of golf outside at Beacon Hill Senior Living Communityseniors toast wine glasses together over steak dinner in formal dining venuegroup of senior women use weights while doing aqua aerobics in their senior living community

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