Senior Living Community in the Chicago Suburbs

A community, authentically yours.

Life at Beacon Hill is directed, determined and defined by you. It’s senior living in Lombard, IL where residents craft the healthy, active and engaged neighborhood experience they want to live. It’s not your typical senior living community, but then you’re not typical either.

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Home base for your best life.

Here, you quickly find the familiar feelings of home. You come to know a community that captures all your favorite qualities of the Chicago suburbs — a warm, endearing place where it’s easy to see just how sincerely folks here look after one another. It’s a tight-knit environment that has a knack for making each day a little easier, better and brighter than the one before it.

Beacon Hill is senior living in Lombard, IL, that invites you to live out exactly the independent living lifestyle you wish, while supporting you with the valuable reassurance that can only come from having a plan for whatever the future holds.


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Designed with heart at every level.

A senior living community that provides more than simply senior housing and more than independent living is not only a smart idea, it’s the kind of safety net you deserve. That’s why our DuPage County community has a comprehensive continuum of living, including on-site health services to accommodate a range of short- and long-term needs.


Independent Living

Residential options that feel like home from the first moment.

Skilled Nursing

5-Star-rated nursing care tailored to individual needs.


A robust range of therapies designed to quickly help regain independence.

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