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Life at Beacon Hill

Answering your questions about living in a continuing care community.

Find out more about Life Care and Lifespace Communities, Inc.®. If you have a particular question you don’t see here, simply contact us. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Q. What is a CCRC?

A. CCRC means “Continuing Care Retirement Community.” CCRCs offer residents an enriched living situation where long-term care becomes available when needed, and individuals can move smoothly from independent living to skilled nursing — usually under the same roof. CCRCs typically require an entry fee plus monthly maintenance fees in exchange for a residence, meals and various other services. Independent living residents have access to advancing levels of long-term care, often at discounted rates.

Q. What is a Life Care community? How is it different from a CCRC?

A. Some CCRCs are also Life Care communities. They offer health care coverage for life in an on-site skilled nursing center with little or no increase in the monthly service fee. For example, an independent living couple at Beacon Hill will find that Life Care provides skilled nursing in the Health Center for the ill partner, while keeping the other partner in his or her Beacon Hill residence. Fees increase to cover additional daily meals — very modest increase, at best. What’s more, Life Care guarantees residents whose resources are exhausted through no fault of their own will lose neither residence nor benefits.

Q. What are the 4 basic types of retirement communities?

A. Full Life Care, Modified Life Care, Continuing Care and Rental.

Q. Can you tell me about the health care options at your community?

A. 5-star Medicare-rated patient care distinguishes our skilled nursing. Residents find our 24-hour staff attentively provides for their needs and comfort. Our on-site staff includes physicians specializing in internal medicine/gerontology, podiatry, dental, optometry and neurology. Plus, we’re staffed with registered nurses, licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants; physical, occupational and speech therapists; a licensed social worker; a social service coordinator and activity professional; and a dietician. Our skilled nursing center also provides effective rehabilitation services for those recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

Q. Do I own my apartment?

A. Your Beacon Hill residence is owned by Beacon Hill. Your contract provides for your occupancy of your residence as long as you can live independently.

Q. What will I pay to enter Beacon Hill?

A. Our entrance and monthly service fees are competitive within the Chicagoland and Lombard area, with your price determined by the residence and contract you choose. The entrance fee may be partly refundable, depending on the Life Care plan you select. Monthly fees cover provided services and amenities. And a portion of your fees may be tax-deductible.