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Life at Beacon Hill

FitSix® integrated wellness: This is balance.

Everyday life in balance. We weave wellness into the fabric of life, so you can remain centered and your life well-rounded. It’s our idea of healthy living, and we call it FitSix®: the Lifespace Communities, Inc.® wellness program. You’ll thrive!

  • Social: Interact. Harmonize. Grow your circle of friends.
  • Physical: Improve balance, mobility, endurance and strength.
  • Vocational: Serve. Share. Lead. You and your talents are useful.
  • Intellectual: Expand your mind with mentally stimulating challenges.
  • Spiritual: Connect with your heart and find harmony with the universe.
  • Emotional: Manage your responses to life’s ups and downs. Build optimism.


Find out more about wellness and senior living in the Chicagoland-Lombard area.

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