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Understanding the Physical and Emotional Process of Moving

Making a move is a big undertaking. Between the planning, packing and heavy lifting, it can be an exhausting process. Additionally, you may feel a sense of loss when thinking about the treasured memories you’ve created in your home. All of these elements can take a physical and emotional toll. 

In this article, discover tips that can help you handle the moving process both emotionally and physically, and learn how communities like Beacon Hill can help make moving to a retirement community easier than you may imagine. 

Moving to a Senior Retirement Community

For many older adults, senior retirement communities offer numerous benefits and quality of life improvements. Living in a community allows you to leave day-to-day home maintenance behind and spend your time doing what you find most meaningful. However, moving out of a place you’ve called home for years can come with a fair share of stress as well.

If you’re considering an independent living community like Beacon Hill, here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for the move:

  • Tour the local area. It only makes sense that you’d want to visit a community before committing to move there. In addition, spend time in the surrounding city or town to get a first-hand understanding of what it has to offer.
  • Familiarize yourself with floor plans. Independent living communities offer several different floor plans to choose from. Familiarize yourself with the layouts and features so you can ensure all of your belongings fit and you feel comfortable in the space.
  • Learn about community life. Living in a community means more time available to pursue your passions. It’s never too early to start thinking about how your community of choice can support your goals through the many amenities community life offers. 

What to Prepare for When Moving to a Retirement Community

Before you settle into the comfort of your community lifestyle, you will want to make a plan for moving. Here are three things to keep in mind as you prepare to move to a senior retirement community, as well as suggestions for how to simplify the process.

Physical Demands

Moving can be exhausting. Between packing boxes and lifting furniture, the physical demands are significant – especially as we age. When hiring professional movers, many companies offer senior discounts, so don’t hesitate to ask. Also, senior retirement communities like Beacon Hill provide access to a move-in coordinator who can recommend services and help coordinate all the details of your move.


Figuring out how to downsize from a family home to a cozy apartment is a daunting challenge. To start, create a list of possessions that are most important to you. In many cases a trusted friend or family member can be a valuable sounding board to work through decisions. Then, evaluate what will and won’t fit into your new space and make decisions from there. 

You may also want to consider what amenities your new community provides. If you’re eating most of your meals at the dining venues, you may only need to bring one or two pots and pans instead of the entire set.

Updating Information

An often overlooked aspect of moving is getting your address information updated. This includes everything from your credit card billing address to the home address on file with your pharmacy. 

Once again, creating a list of every account that needs to be updated is a helpful step to make sure all necessary changes are made. Additionally, don’t forget to submit an official change of address with the USPS so your mail ends up at your new home.

Strategies for Handling the Emotional Aspect of Moving

Beyond physical and logistical challenges, a move can stir up a lot of emotions. Leaving a familiar home may cause everything from sadness and anxiety to excitement. If you’re struggling with the emotional aspect of moving, consider trying these helpful strategies:

  • Take your time. When you’re making a big life change, even if it’s for the better, your emotions play an important role. Give yourself the necessary space to process and prepare so you feel confident and comfortable with your decision.
  • Enlist loved ones. Your loved ones can help with much more than just moving boxes. They can also offer emotional support, talking through favorite memories or helping with strategies to adapt to a new environment. Just because your location is changing doesn’t mean your most important relationships will.
  • Focus on positives. Not everything about moving has to be stressful. Don’t forget to consider the new, exciting aspects community living will offer when your move is complete. It’s an opportunity to create new connections, enjoy the plentiful amenities and spend your days doing what you find most meaningful.

How Beacon Hill Makes the Move-In Process Simple

At Beacon Hill we’re excited to welcome new residents, and want to make the moving process as simple as possible. Our dedicated move-in coordinators will help you every step of the way. We’ll work with you on everything from unpacking to making small modifications that help your space feel like home.

If you’re considering Beacon Hill for yourself or a loved one, our team is here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease about the move-in process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and learn about what makes the Beacon Hill community in Lombard, Illinois so special.

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