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What Is a Nursing Home? Busting Common Myths

The term “nursing home” is often used interchangeably with other senior housing options such as senior living community or retirement home, which has led to many misconceptions about senior living options. In truth, the term “nursing home” and the images it conjures couldn’t be further from the truth of what modern, luxurious senior living communities offer. Here are some common myths people have about senior living communities, and the reality behind them.  

Nursing Home Myth 1: It’s a Place for “Old People” 

Senior living communities are more vibrant (and younger) than ever, with some people choosing to transition to this type of living style as soon as age 55. Modern senior communities are designed with resort-style services in amenities. Some residents liken it to living on a cruise everyday. There are always things to do, new people to meet, and activities to keep you engaged. 

Nursing Home Myth 2: I (or My Loved One) Will Live in Isolation

Many older adults find that community living is the antidote to isolation. When living alone at home, it can be hard to forge new connections, especially as friends and family move away. In a senior living community, it’s easy to mingle and find a group of people who share your interests, whether it’s Tai Chi, reading thrillers or indulging in your artistic passions. A close-knit social circle not only provides companionship, these relationships can also positively impact your mental and physical well-being.

Nursing Home Myth 3: There’s No Privacy

If a senior community is a social environment, does that mean there is a lack of privacy for residents? Not at all! Senior communities offer private apartments where residents can live comfortably, with all the perks and conveniences you’d expect from a resort-style residence. Interior finishes such as flooring, paint colors, countertops, and more can often be customized to one’s preferences in independent living communities.

Nursing Home Myth 4: Care, Cleanliness and Meals Are Substandard

Luxury senior living communities today provide a resort style experience. That means sparkling common spaces, generous accommodations, and chef-inspired meals. Levels of care must not only meet strict national regulations, but high community standards as well. Compassionate, highly trained team members are available to assist at a moment’s notice.  

Nursing Home Myth 5: There’s No Freedom To Do What You Want

Personal freedom is highly valued at senior living communities. You have the freedom to choose to indulge in the activities and opportunities that you wish. Communities boast busy social calendars, transportation options, outings, and events that can keep you as engaged as you choose. Community living is just like living at home, with less day-to-day stress and more connection. Because it is home.  

Explore Care Options at Beacon Hill

As we’ve discussed here, senior living communities offer far more than you could ever imagine! See what modern community life is like at Beacon Hill, an upscale Life Care community that offers both independent living and supported living options. Here, you can design a lifestyle that prioritizes your leisure and your health. Our sprawling campus was designed to be convenient and accessible. It’s easy to get to on-site amenities such as our heated swimming pool, fitness center, dining venues, and health services

You also have the freedom to explore nearby Lombard, which offers trendy coffee shops, boutiques and more. Discover more about the Beacon Hill lifestyle by contacting us, or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. 

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