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Why We Choose Beacon Hill for Independent Senior Living

With plenty of senior living community options near you, it can be difficult to know where to start.  That’s why we asked two of our Beacon Hill independent living residents to share their decision-making journey for choosing a spirited lifestyle right here in Lombard.

When to Consider a Senior Independent Living Community

After asking yourself bigger-picture questions like What type of climate do I want to call home? Is downsizing right for me? Do I want to be closer to family? Or maybe I want to try an entirely different area than I’m used to… you may find that certain items surface to the top of your list. Answering these questions will help you narrow down a general area to focus your search, and then your research can truly begin.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your move.

Two years before moving into independent living, Jan Anderson began her search. Sandie Rasmussen, however, began visiting locations a little over one year before she moved in. Whatever your timeline, it’s key to weigh the challenges and opportunities that may arise with a move.

“For me,” says Sandie, “Thinking about moving into a retirement community started when I realized I was no longer doing my own lawn work, shoveling snow or cleaning my own house.”

Steps and accessibility of her current house played a part, too. “I owned a ranch house but had to go up stairs to enter the first floor,” she says. “And I found myself going up and down one step at a time.”

Whether your senior living community research phase begins due to a single event or small changes over time, our understanding team is ready to guide you through the process no matter your pace. Sandie shares, “My advice to other seniors and friends if you are able to afford the move, do it while you are still able.”

Understand your current health needs and plan for the future.

Here at Beacon Hill,we offer Life Care, or a way to continue to live independently with confidence and peace of mind. If your health and care needs change, truly personalized care services are on-site at the same address. Plus, you are cared for by people you already know and trust within skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Consider your physical, social and emotional needs, too.

The community at Beacon Hill handles day-to-day maintenance tasks and upkeep so our residents can focus on the experiences and activities that truly bring joy. Plus, our pet-friendly policy means your furry sidekick is welcome here, too.

Sandie says her favorite part of living at Beacon Hill has to be the friendly atmosphere and the always-helpful staff. Jan adds meeting new friends has been top on her list.

In addition to campus-based opportunities, our residents enjoy experiencing all four seasons, being nestled in a quaint community, easily accessing airline and train travel, and being less than 20 miles away from the midwest’s own world-class destination, Chicago.

Making the Move to Independent Living

Packing and moving can be a stressful experience, and it’s completely normal to feel anxious about turning the page on a new chapter. Jan reminds, “It was very difficult sorting what to take and what not to.” But she was surprised by the moving advice and moving assistance she received. Sandie agrees, saying Beacon Hill made the whole process of moving so easy for her.

“I was impressed, to say the least,” says Sandie.

Why We’re Happy at Beacon Hill

While each senior living community is unique, often choosing a Life Care location is just as much about lifestyle as it is about care options (for now and future needs). Jan shares she’s happy to have greater security and peace-of-mind living. And at Beacon Hill, Sandie has it all, including health care, entertainment, activities, friendly people and helpful team members.

If you’d like more information about making the move to Beacon Hill, we’d love to chat. Please fill out the form below or give us a call at 630-620-5850. We look forward to hearing from you!

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