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Residents to Receive Hundreds of Uplifting Greeting Cards During Pandemic

Older adults at Beacon Hill are in for a heartwarming autumn gift to help lift their spirits amid the pandemic. The Lombard senior living community recently reached out to families urging them to send greeting cards with well wishes to all 525 of its residents. Cards have been trickling in ever since, with grandchildren and others eager to spread cheer during this challenging period.

“There’s a natural sense of isolation because of the pandemic and being unable to interact with your loved ones in person, so hearing from people who care about you can really lift spirits,” explained David Baruch, the creator of the initiative. A retired psychologist and current Beacon Hill resident, Baruch has made it his personal mission to look out for the well-being of his peers during COVID-19.

“Many residents receive a lot of letters and cards, but there are some who don’t,” he added. “It’s impossible to identify the outliers, so we wanted to ensure every single person who lives here receives at least one card.”

Beacon Hill loved the idea so much it set up three drop boxes where cards are being stored for the time being. Baruch also reached out to local church youth groups for area children to send cards as well.

“It was important to tap into resources beyond Beacon Hill to make this as successful as possible,” said Baruch. “These organizations were delighted to take part. It’s a great opportunity for local children to do some good in the community by simply writing a note.”

With social isolation being used to combat the virus, Beacon Hill has increasingly focused on boosting morale among residents.

“Ensuring spirits are high among residents is always a top priority, but even more so during a time when we’re socializing a lot less for safety reasons,” said Billy Blake, director of lifestyle at Beacon Hill. “It was a no-brainer to take part in this initiative. Our community is incredibly fortunate to have thoughtful residents like David who are thinking outside the box for the sake of others.”

The big reveal will take place at the end of October, when the drop boxes will be opened so residents can read the outpouring of love for the first time.

“We can’t wait to put a smile on everyone’s faces,” said Baruch.

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