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Karen Walton: Enjoying Life’s Next Series of Adventures at Beacon Hill

During her time working as a travel agent, Karen Walton made a living out of helping clients form lasting memories. She specialized in planning individualized trips for her clients.

“I loved being able to listen to what people wanted to do and where they wanted to go,” Karen said. “And then I would try to find the perfect places for them to stay and things to do.”

Karen has also been able to do a lot of traveling herself—both on work trips, as well as with her husband and children over the years. Her passion for travel and a natural curiosity about people, places, and culture, all helped shape Karen’s worldview.

“Don’t be afraid to take a chance—if something [or someplace] interests you, I would say go,” Karen said when asked about lessons learned from her adventurous life. “Books can open up the world to you, and if you travel … it opens up your mind.”

Admiring the World Around You

Karen is the type of person who can find something to appreciate in nearly any destination, but she does have some places that she lists among her most memorable travel stops.

“Mongolia was probably the most fascinating and interesting place we ever went,” Karen said. “It was a very rustic trip. We stayed in yurts and the history was amazing.”

Karen also lists Egypt, Tunisia, and India among her most memorable international trips. And in case you’re wondering about her travels in the U.S., yes, she has visited all 50 states. 

“I just can’t say enough about travel and how enlightening it can be,” Karen said. “You quickly realize how similar we all are as human beings and how we experience things.”

Finding Joy at Home

While Karen doesn’t travel nearly as often anymore, she does treat each day in her current home at Beacon Hill in Lombard, Illinois, as an adventure full of moments to enjoy.

“Here I am on a new journey for myself and I’ve always been active,” Karen said. “I joined the Welcoming Committee not long after we got here … and have stayed active since.”

In addition to serving on various resident committees, Karen also believes it’s important to have a hobby and she credits her passion for sewing as a contributing factor to her well-being.

“Beyond being a travel agent, I made clothing for a long time,” Karen said. “I had a tiny little business where I made some things out of ultrasuede—trench coats and blazers.”

At Beacon Hill, Karen’s sewing hobby has been going stronger than ever. These days, she dedicates most of her sewing time to quilting and she remains active in a local quilter’s guild.

“I have a one bedroom unit and the bedroom is my sewing room with a bed,” Karen said with a laugh. “I have an enormous [sewing] console, it’s six feet long and it’s wide.”

Embracing Community Life

Karen also noted how at Beacon Hill there’s always something to do.

“I love the people and the friendliness here,” Karen said. “And I love the staff—I’ve made it my business to get to know the staff. And I like the community. I like the openness and the gathering places, and the games and opportunities to get together with people. The movies. If you’re bored here there’s something seriously the matter because you can be busy all of the time.”

Choose Your Own Adventure at Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill, a sophisticated senior living community in Lombard, Illinois, offers many ways to explore your hobbies and interests from aqua aerobics to art studio projects, and so much more. Like Karen, we think you’ll find that it’s easier to make time for hobbies in a community setting.

Consider this your invitation to meet more residents like Karen and explore how Beacon Hill can help you free up time for the things that matter most, while also providing new opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about life at Beacon Hill.

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