Life Care Community in the Chicago Suburbs

Valuable protection from life’s unknowns.

Making your home at a Life Care community can make all the difference in your road ahead. At Beacon Hill in Lombard, IL, our brand of Life Care gives you the keys to unlocking peace of mind that doesn’t compromise your ability to enjoy the active lifestyle you want.

It provides a certain confidence that can make independent living all the more independent. You can rest assured knowing that if needs change, your personalized care solutions share your address — a suite of on-site health services delivered by people you already know and trust, all at a predictable cost. Plus, part of your entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees may be tax-deductible, and a portion of your entrance fee will always be refundable to you or your estate. As with any financial decision, we recommend you consult your tax adviser about possible tax deductions with Life Care.

Add this rock-solid peace of mind to the remarkable community of friends and neighbors who fill your days with moment after moment of elated fulfillment, and it becomes easy to see Beacon Hill is the Lombard, IL, Life Care community for you.

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Several IRS rulings have established that a portion of a Life Care community entrance fee and monthly fee is deductible as a prepaid medical expense. You’ll be wise to discuss your individual tax situation with your personal tax adviser.

If you have a long-term care insurance policy, you may be eligible to receive benefits from that policy if you need long-term skilled nursing care at Beacon Hill. In all likelihood, your policy will work hand in hand with Life Care and pay earned benefits directly to you. Consult with your insurance carrier or agent for specific answers regarding your individual policy.

If you outlive your resources for reasons outside your control and are unable to pay your monthly fee, you won’t be forced to leave. In addition, you’ll still be entitled to priority access to our health care, and your children won’t be saddled with the financial burden. See our Residency Agreement for details.