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The Benefits of Choosing Independent Senior Living in Lombard, Illinois

Located just thirty minutes from downtown Chicago, Lombard Illinois offers residents a suburban feel with a mix of shops, restaurants, coffee bars and parks nestled among tree-lined residential streets. Older adults who want to stay connected to Chicago but want to enjoy a lower cost of living amid less hustle and bustle often choose Lombard. Its popularity has also led to an increase in independent senior living communities, which provide seniors a number of lifestyle choices. But why is independent senior living becoming more popular, and what are the benefits of choosing this lifestyle in Lombard?  

What Is Independent Senior Living?

An independent senior living community is a type of residential community designed for older adults who are generally able to live on their own but want to enjoy access to certain amenities and services, such as housekeeping, transportation and social activities. This gives residents the ability to live maintenance-free while accessing everything they need to thrive all in one place.  Residents typically live in private apartments or houses and have the option to participate in community events and services, while still maintaining their independence and privacy. 

The Benefits of Independent Living in Lombard, Illinois    

Illinois in general, and Lombard in particular, are great places to explore one’s independent living options. Here are some of the benefits. 

A Sense of Community 

Lombard hosts numerous local events that give older adults the chance to connect with neighbors, community members and other older adults. 

Popular local Lombard events include:

Local retirement communities may also host events on-site for their residents. If you’re joining a retirement community soon, check their events calendar to get a better idea of the social life there. 

Freedom To Live How You Wish

Most seniors are resistant to the idea of moving to a retirement community because they are concerned they will need to give up their current way of living. However, independent living isn’t about limiting your lifestyle. Instead, the curated services and amenities they offer are designed to free you from maintenance hassles and everyday concerns so you can pursue your passions. 

Elevated Amenities and Services

The services and amenities of an independent living community can utterly transform your life… for the better! From concierge services and housekeeping to on-site dining and recreation, every comfort and convenience you can imagine is yours for the taking. Make a checklist of the services and amenities that are a must have for you in an independent living community. 

For example, if you love taking walks, research communities with beautiful gardens you can explore. Or if you like resort-style living, seek a community with spas, a heated indoor pool or a salon. 

For those who crave world-class dining experiences, look for communities with on-site restaurants where award-winning chefs prepare meals for residents. Whatever your preference, find a community that matches your sophisticated needs. 

Access to Healthcare Options 

While you may be in exceptional health now, 70% of older adults will require some form of long-term care in their lifetimes. Some independent living communities offer a Life Care option that allows you to secure access to on-site health services. Be sure to ask about Life Care contract options when you take a community tour.   

Explore Independent Living Options at Beacon Hill

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