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Tips for Talking to Your Parent About Independent Living

Retirement is an exciting time full of opportunity, possibilities, and enjoying the fruits of years of labor. For some, maximizing this enjoyment is best accomplished with a move to an independent living community. If you suspect your aging parents may thrive at an independent living community but are anxious about starting the conversation, use this guide to help you. 

We know that having a discussion with your parents about their future might seem intimidating, but there are some ways to broach the subject without overstepping. In this guide you’ll find strategies for starting the conversation, steps to take after you’ve discussed options, and the amenity-rich independent living opportunities available at Beacon Hill

Preparing for the Conversation

Before you approach any conversation with your parents about independent living residences, do some homework on independent living communities in the area and additional care options each community offers. Once you’ve agreed on a time and place to talk in a relaxing and comfortable setting, here are some ideas to help the conversation go smoothly. 

Ask About Future Plans

It’s important to start by asking your parents about their plans for the future. There’s a good chance they have thought over their options and have an idea of how they would like to proceed. As your parents explain their thoughts and any pre-existing plans, listen actively and with an open mind. If it turns out that they do not have plans, or say it’s too early to discuss such options, point out that 70% of older adults will need long-term care in their lifetimes, and there’s no better time to discuss the future than the present. 

Address Their Fears or Concerns

Your parents may have some fears or concerns related to planning for the future, especially if that requires a move to a senior living community. Perhaps they want to believe that they will always be in perfect health, or they want to age in their home. Emphasize that you have some concerns about this, knowing that a single fall could hamper their ability to care for themselves. The burden of housework may also be becoming too cumbersome, which may be reflected in the disrepair of the home.  

If your parents have concerns about what moving to an independent living environment might look like for them, take time to speak to each concern individually. Walk through both the immediate concern and any underlying emotional upset that may be tied to it.

Any discussion about a major move like this should be exactly that — a discussion. It’s imperative that your parents understand you have their best interests at heart and equally imperative that you hear them out if they experience resistance around the idea of such a large life adjustment. 

Post-Conversation Steps to Take

After a successful conversation, you may wonder how to move forward without leaving your parents out in the cold to figure out the logistics on their own. There are a number of ways you can support them as they explore the idea of independent living further, but these two will give you a solid start. 

Tour a Community Together

If your parents are interested in the idea of exploring what life at a senior independent living community might look like for them, offer to join on a tour. At Beacon Hill, we love the opportunity to showcase our vibrant and exciting community full of like-minded peers who enjoy pursuing new hobbies, creating new friendships, and building upon the beautiful life they’ve led thus far. 

Touring a community with your parents can familiarize everyone involved with not only the lifestyle they will be living, but the staff, care teams, and services that will be available to them when they move. 

Share in the Excitement

Whether the decision to bring up independent living with your parents was fueled by curiosity or concern (or a healthy mix of both), it’s important to focus on the positives that a move to a senior living community provides. For example, as independent living residents at Beacon Hill, your parents would enjoy: 

  • Spacious apartments with many floor plans to choose from
  • Two restaurant-style dining centers with private dining options available
  • Weekly housekeeping services 
  • Lounges and shared party spaces
  • On-site dental office
  • Life Care for changing healthcare needs
  • Greenhouses, a market, theater, library, and more

Beyond the amenities, there is a lot to love about leaving daily house chores behind and indulging in the robust social calendar our community plans, on their terms. Spend time daydreaming about the possibilities and excitement your parents have ahead of them, because there is so much to love about independent living life! 

Explore Independent Living Options at Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is an exceptional independent living community filled with residents committed to living their best lives. Your loved one can enjoy all the freedom that this stage of life offers in a stable, supportive community, without the hassles of keeping up with house or yard maintenance. Schedule a tour today to help them envision what life at Beacon Hill could look like

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